Thursday, May 26, 2011

Placebo pills

I have been sick for about a week now - I put it down to food poisoning due to an unfortunate experiment making feijoa chutney.  Anyway, I've been thinking about the placebo effect.  Here's the idea.

Create a website with information about the placebo effect.  Include links to medical journal articles, stuff about positive thinking, anything peer reviewed and factual rather than woo.

Next, come up with a line of pills.  Package them in real pill bottles with classy logos and designs.  Even better, find some way to put funky designs and colours (I was thinking either organic tracery or bold red/blue/green coloured bands) on the pills themselves.

"Placebo Pills" - market them as having NO active ingredient at all, but "harness the power of placebo"

Completely honest marketing, don't make any false promises.  Refer people to the science about the effect of placebos being as great or greater than some marketed drugs (and of course homeopathy, acupuncture, etc etc).

Watch here for an example.

Short story - (unemotional/objective tone) 'The Last Number'

Here's a writing exercise for myself.  First of some of my recent stories that I'll post on this site, and funnily enough the theme for this one is 'stasis'.  Cryostasis this time.

This is a story told in a sequence of computer log readouts.  I didn't want to make the computer sentient, the aim was just to make it as intelligent as possible without consciousness.

The story is fundamentally an action/drama and I think it would be a good story idea to write in a traditional third person style at some stage.  But my aim was to write in the 'dryest' possible style here, while still trying to tell a compelling story.

This one took a couple of days to write.